Sunday, September 04, 2011


Ryan had a birthday.
He's older than me.
And I like it!

I realize that some may read this blog because they know me, and they don't know Ryan.
Well let me introduce you.

Ryan is one of the best drivers I know. Not because he's good with directions (cause he's not), but because he's good with the car. He can parallel park a car in the tiniest spots. He can drive backwards, fast. He also can spin a mean donut.
Ryan loves to golf. During the summer, when the golf course is empty because it's 115ยบ outside, he's on the course. Because you can golf a niiiice course for under $20. Golf is just about the only thing that he can actually wake before 6:00 am for.
Ryan knows sports. That's why I always have him as my Trivial Pursuit partner. (Also because we're both really competitive, so if we want to like each other afterwards, we have to be on the same team!) He knows just about all the answers in the sports catagory. If you see a random old sports clip on tv from the 80s or something, he knows who it is.
Ryan tooted in front of me on our first date.
Ryan went to Scotland on his mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. So naturally he loves just about everything about Scotland, especially the people. He even taught Drake this song and dance, and now Drake realllly wants a kilt.
Ryan is a super concerned person. If I ever drop a bottle of shampoo in the shower, Ryan will come running in to make sure I'm okay.
Ryan orders meatloaf anytime it's at a restaurant.
Ryan sings and plays the guitar. It's pretty darn cute. He wrote a song for me when we were dating. He used to sing to me but now it's mostly to the kids. He'll sing to them in bed...their favorite song is Sweet Baby James.

So there you have a few fun things about Ryan.
And here he is with all his candles.
That's his favorite cake. Boston Cream Pie.
And Drakey helping daddy blow out alll those candles!


Emily said...

What a fun post! Happy birthday Ryan!

Tara T said...

Fun facts! Happy birthday Ryan!! Glad he'll be joining the fam for RAGNAR!!

emily said...

We're sorry to have missed his party. Not just because of the Boston Cream Pie, but because we like Ryan too!

MediocreMama said...

Weird because just last night Tod dreamed that Ryan loved Boston Cream Pie...he told me right after we read this post.