Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ragnar Napa Valley

When is the best time to blog?
When you're sitting in class. So no offense Professor Larson, I promise I'm super interested in the laws governing the Colorado River System, but I haven't blogged about Napa yet.

So a couple of weeks ago, I got the call from Tara. She said that her friends were doing Ragnar Napa and needed an emergency fill in.
No question.
I bought a plane ticket and planned my trip.
Did I mention that Ryan RULES? He is so dang supportive of me. Thanks honey.

So there I was with 5 girls I just met, about to live in this car for two days.
But seriously, I LOVE Ragnar.
This picture says it all.
When your brood of girls is living in a car for 2 days, access to the car is pretty important. So what do you do when the keys to the car are locked inside? Call the fire department.
Thank you Petaluma fire fighters for rushing over to help 6 crazy girls.
Running in crazy outfits is the norm for Ragnar. I'll spare you the pictures of Underwear man running in just his tiny little skivvies, but here is a pink person who DID run in that.
This was my version of crazy outfit.
Another thing about Ragnar, you go in porta pottys.
I think Marci's face says it all.
So basically you run for 200 miles non-stop. Our van gets a break while the second van runs, but essentially you always have runners running. So that means even in the middle of the night. So this is how you run at night:
You need a reflective vest, a headlamp, and an LED light on your back.
Safety first.

And should you get the opportunity to sleep, you can sleep on the floor of a school gym for $1.
Oh, excuse me for being so rude, let me introduce my new friends:

This is Rebecca.
And poor Allie, was sooo sick. But she is a trooper! She ran 9 miles in the middle of the night, and after she finished, she puked her guts out.
This is Charity. She was like me and just joined the group without knowing us.
And Marci.
There we are, us crazy Ladies from the 80s.
And the full team.
We smelled really good at this point.

Thanks for the fun ladies!


Jasmyn said...

You are crazy! Oh, and don't let Joel hear you called the Fire Dept for getting locked out of your car...that is a BIG no no here (unless your kid is locked in the car too!).

Tara T said...

um, how did that guy not get heat exhaustion from that hairy outfit!?! And they charged you for sleeping at the gym!!!?! lame.
good work Kristin, way to be so freakin active you could just join a RAGNAR race like a week in advance and totally still rock it!!!
and btw, all the girls talk about how awesome you are :)