Thursday, September 29, 2011


My Gwenny is an advertiser's dream come true!!
When a commercial is on, she has all of her attention focused on the tv.
Then when I need something, she'll tell me all about a product that can help me.
For instance, one day she came up to me with a post it that said "life loc" and had a phone number written on it. Then she proceeded to tell me all about the services that Life Lock has to offer and told me that I REALLY needed it.
Silly girl.

So I hear it all the time, from Rainbow fish to super sharp knives to hair products, she's seen a commercial, and she will tell me that I HAVE to buy it!

So the other day I caught her and Drake watching TV, and she had her little notepad on the floor with her. When the commercials would come on, she'd pick up the marker and start writing down the info.
She's learned to write down the prices too.
I like the "clickn and reed". She figured out that the word and was missing from the phrase and threw it in. And it's "for Drake" of course!

Also, she realllly wants Stompeez.
These are Stompeez:
Slippers that when you stomp, the eyes pop up.
She said she NEEDS these slippers for Christmas this year.

Oh Gwenny, you crack me up!


Chelsea said...

henry does the same thing!!! it makes me crazy. i mean, why do they have a life lock commercial on a kids station anyway? stompeez, i get, but not "they can steal your money, your credit card, your identity, everything."

Tawnya said...

How funny she writes the price but not the product!

Heather said...

possibly the funniest thing I've ever read! Thanks for the smile this morning!

Monica said...

Oh my gosh! That is hilarious!! haha So stinkin cute ; )

Emily said...


Tara T said...

That is so awesome!! Great laugh for today. I can't wait to see little Gweny in just a couple weeks!