Tuesday, September 27, 2011

...soccer season's here...

Ah yeah!

Ryan was quite the soccer player when he was a kid.
So it was very important to him that the kids get the opportunity to play soccer too.
Last year was their first year, and they loved it.
This year not so much.
Really? Why?

But Saturday was their first game and now they are all about soccer again. (thank goodness!)

Drake is a real wind up and kick kind of kid.
He needs to remember it's often more effective to just dribble the ball down the field and then kick it in the goal.
But even with his not-always-accurate power leg, he still scored a goal.
(not that anyone's keeping score right? At least we're not supposed to)
I love the sweat drip going down his face!
Gwen's on a bigger field this year. They have bigger goals and goalies too!
Also, it's 5 on 5 (for the younger kids it's 3 on 3).
She did great! She kept up with the other kids, and even scored TWO goals!!!
(at least that's what she said, we saw the first, and then met a fun couple that we got chatty with, and missed the alleged second. Sorry Gwenny!!!!)
I love how a lot of these pictures I took, she's running around with a smile on her face.
Taking her turn on the sidelines.
She's totally strategizing.


Monica said...

haha These pics are so great Kristen! My favorites are of Drake drinking from his water bottle and Gwen in the last pic. She is seriously such a little beauty!!

Chelsea said...

my boys are doing soccer this year. it's so fun! they do 6-on-6, so the more appropriate term is bunch ball, rather than soccer. henry told me he had fun at his game last night only because his classmate abby was watching. nice. [PS abby's sister is on henry's team, so at least she's not coming to games just to watch him.]