Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm on top of the world, looking down on creation...

Because first, at the Palmer family Christmas party tonight, Gwen AND Drake both sat on Santa's lap and told him what they wanted for Christmas, and then when we got home, Gwen was already asleep, and Drake just crawled into bed!!!!! So easy!  So I got to clean the house and blog!  Tonight was the bestest.  :)

But before Santa came, all the grandkids acted out the Christmas story.
Isn't Drakey boy the cutest little lamb you've ever seen?!
Gwenny and her cousins (of sorts) Haylee and Addlyn.
I heard there were 73 kids this year!
What kind of angel makes faces while on stage?
Here's Gwenny telling Santa that she wants a doll house, and real doll clothes!  Gwen was so excited to see Santa that as soon as she knew it was time for Santa to come she almost in a panic says to me, "quick mom!  Wash my face!"  What?  I have to fight her to get her face clean!
And Drake (who I thought would be terrified of Santa) was so excited to see him that while Gwen was getting her turn, Drake walked up and kept tapping Santa's knee.
Here's Drakey telling him that he wants cars and motorcycles for Christmas!
My sweet kids with probably their favorite person in the world.


Tara T said...

Awe how cute. Ugh, I miss you guys, especially the kids. I love the pic of Drake going up to santa.

JacksonFamily said...

I can't believe they coordinated the Nativity with 63 kids!!! Maybe your kids need to see Santa every night, so they will go straight to bed.

Emily said...

Love the Drake Lambie picture! py

Kat said...

what stinking cute pictures of gwen and drake with santa! that's funny that she asked you to wash her face too!
Ok- so I obviously got your msg (w your #) too late. Bummer, it would have been great to run together.
mine is 602-516-8169 just in case we try this again :)

Rushele said...

Ah, those are the greates nights! I love when bed time is effortless and things flow nicely!!
I'm so glad that they enjoyed the Christmas party, nativity play, Santa and all!!!!

Bingham family said...

It was so fun to see you and Haylee loved seeing Gwen. I was so impressed how excited Drake was. He was so cute on stage waiting for his turn! Cute about the face washing comment. Gotta Love it. NIce that they fell asleep on the way. Mine were sort of wired and had a hard time calming down. We had to drive around and look at Christmas lights for a bit.

Photography By Jo said...

Cute! I can't wait until Emma gets old enough to enjoy Santa right now she is scared of him.