Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Thanksgiving weekend update

Started the holiday out with a girl's night. What better than Gecko Grill and Twilight?
So my review of Twilight:
I liked it. Maybe even better than the book?! Because let's face it, Bella is kind of a wimpy protagonist, but the movie made her out to be cooler than her character was in the book. And Edward? At first I thought eww, Rob Pattinson is NOT my Edward, but um yah, maybe he is now. Obviously they had to leave out a lot since the movie can't be 8 hours long, and it was low budget, but I'm not a guy so I don't really care about special effects anyway.
Things I didn't like about the movie-BELLA'S BLINKING!!!!!!!!!! and Jacob's extensions.

Then Thanksgiving morning Jasmyn joined me for the Turkey Trot. I was a little nervous for this since my feet have been KILLING me lately and I hadn't run in a week and a half. But I pushed it anyway. My feet were hurting before the second mile, and I really took it slow the last two, but I was still able to run the whole time. Nevermind that I was limping the rest of the day. But I just got some sweet new insoles to try out!

I finished the kid's Thanksgiving clothes.

We had a SCRUMPTIOUS feast!!! We tried some new recipes too like Sourdough Artichoke stuffing (way good!), and Spicey Turkey (didn't care for the curry in it, but thankgoodness we had two turkeys).

And we got a Christmas Tree!!!!! It's really only the second tree we've had since we've been married. The first was a real, but this one we'll have for a long time! The kids love it and just hang out by it a lot!


Tara T said...

Awe, I want a christmas tree. Oh yeah, and you need to send me that green stuff on Gwen's dress so I can make Aubreys. Is dad losing weight?

Kristin said...

That's why I asked for your address! And yah, dad's on a down slope now. How come we can't lose weight like him?

JacksonFamily said...

You have the funnest life ever! You give Martha Stewart a run for her money too!

Rushele said...

Wow, what a fun weekend!!!
Your kids Thanksgiving clothes are so cute! You're so talented!!
Love the tree too, it's beautiful! I always want my tree to be perfect and pretty like that, but it never really works out. And this year we decided to go with all the mismatched ornaments with the loops on them for hanging so we wouldn't have to use hooks, or the glass ball ornaments.

Bingham family said...

adorable clothes, the feast looks so yummy and that tree is beautiful!

Cadina Family said...

K....such a fun blog!! :0) I miss you! :0) Your family is so cute. I hope you're doing good.
So, Rob Pattinson.....HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!!! So, did NOT think that I would think that. But, honestly...I could watch him get out of the car at the school as a couple, like 1000 x's. hehehe!! fun!!
love ya!

Cadina Family said...

you need a new blog site for us by the way...the other is now obsolete (?).
check it out when you get a chance.
see ya!

Tawnya said...

Our dinner pic is awesome. I love that Katie is looking at the camera. We put on one sweet meal!

Kat said...

I'm still mad that I didn't see you at the turkey trot! Way to go on that btw. Thanksgiving looks wonderful, that stuffing does sound good :) Love your tree too!