Wednesday, December 10, 2008

my new permanent accessory

I don't know what's going on lately, but Drake won't let me go!  He can't even sit down and watch a show without me sitting right next to him, or underneath him.  He is constantly following me around saying, "want you mommy".  And while it's very endearing, it's also very inconvienent.  He's standing outside the shower while I shower, sitting on my lap while I put on makeup or am at the computer, and wants to be held while I shop, cook, and clean!  I can't even go to the bathroom with out him being in there, and sometimes he even insists I hold him while I tinkle!  (tmi?)  And if I don't hold him, he does this.  He holds onto my leg so I can drag him around!
So I have to keep him constantly entertained, like by building a gingerbread house!
Gingerbread houses are one of those few things that are way better to buy rather than make!  I will never again bake and cut gingerbread, make frosting, and buy all sorts of gingerbread house candies.  Why?  Because I can get this fabulous gingerbread house kit at Costco (I almost just called it Price Club) for $10!

It's unbelievable that his much candy actually made it on the house, 
because Drake was stuffing his face the whole time!

And if you haven't read the post below, if you want a Christmas card from us,
 email me your address!


Tara T said...

Gwen looks so pretty in the pictures! And that IS a sweet deal from Costco!

carie said...

ooh! love your shoes.

DARA said...

That is soooo funny about Drake. Especially, since I went threw the same thing with Daniel. He would always say "Give me love Mama!" , constantly. I miss it now.

Cole said...

it is a frustrating time but sweet at the same time. sterling used to do that. now he is going through another "momma's boy phase". enjoy it now because when they are 16, we are going to miss beign with them! we won't be cool anymore in their eyes :(

Rushele said...

Gwen is so cute! What a ham!!
I can't believe you did all the baking and cutting and frosting making yourself!! You're such a great homemaker! I stink at the job!!
I only went as far as to do "graham cracker houses" with Raegan's preschool group last week, and we used store bought frosting. It was kind of a bust, but the kids still had fun, and loved eating all the candy regardless of whether it was actually on the house our not.
Next year I'll buy a gingerbread house kit from (Price Club) and save all the headache.