Sunday, December 14, 2008

just take, take another little piece of my heart away baby

That would be my title for this video:
That is one of the towers of Deseret Towers (or DT) at BYU being demolished.
Some facts about DT-
the towers were built 1964
they were seven stories tall (with a sweet basement too)
each floor had SIX showers and about 40 students!!  (imagine getting ready for church when your whole floor is getting ready at the same time!)
the walls were a lovely painted cinder block
my mom lived there in 1977
In 1999 I lived in S Hall with these fabulouso ladies. We're missing Desiree who lives in Sacramento, but we're lucky enough to all be in the valley and we try to get together once a month.
Haya, Thera, Tiffany (new to our group), me, Ivette

Diana and Haya
Tiffany, Thera, Haya, Ivette, Diana, Kristin

Last night we had our annual Christmas gift exchange.  
Thanks for the fun ladies!


Gigi said...

Oh, not the old DT! So many fun having the RA sneak her brother and his roommate up to our room and dressing them up in girl's clothes. Good bye Deseret Towers.

Rushele said...

I'm sorry that you lost your old dorms!!
I am glad for you that you're able to get together with all your college girlfriends often! That must be so much fun!!!
The gift exchange looks like it's good times!

Desi said...

I think the only way to get that smell out of the elevators was to completely destroy the towers. Sorry hun. I love getting shout outs, but I MISS YOU GUYS! I'm SO excited you're coming up. Shout me a holla when you get here!

straubfamily said...

Are you kidding?! How sad...good ol' S Hall was my home in 1994-95, but I can't say I've missed it much since leaving. How fun that you still keep in touch, I've lost touch with most of the girls I met there.

P.S. I recognize Thera...we almost bought a Centex house from funny!

Melinda said...

Oh Kristen, you totally brought back memories! I was in U-hall, but remember running into you a few times up there.