Tuesday, December 16, 2008


The other day the kids and I went to the mall. Since it's Christmas time the parking lot was packed and we had to park in the back of the lot. So as we were walking up the aisles, a group of teenagers were walking behind us talking loudly. The conversation went something like this:

boy 1: hey are you wearing your size 7s?
boy 2: ya
girl: you were size 7s?! That's what size I wear!
boy 1: aren't size 7s really big?
boy 2: ya they're kinda big plus girl jeans aren't made out of real jean material like regular jeans, they're kinda stretchy so they're bigger.
girl: well I don't really wear size sevens, I mostly wear size 3 or 5. But sometimes I wear sevens.

Poor girl. She must feel so big hanging out with skinny little boys that wear tight girl jeans. And ironically enough was that the day before I got a pair of jeans in the mail that I had ordered online. On eBay they were listed at my size, and the picture looked normal, so I bought them. I got them and they turned out to be WAY TOO BIG. So I tried to make Ryan wear them because they were a cool brand and style. We barely zipped him into them, and he was dying to get out of them, but I thought he looked cute in them. So in this case my appreciation for Ryan's cute buns won over my thought that boys should not wear girl jeans. (but these particular jeans were very asexual so I don't know if that counts)

Oh, and that picture IS NOT Ryan trying the jeans on. I searched "girl jeans" on flikr and found that.


Tawnya said...

You are a freak to always make your husband try on your clothes. And the skinny pants fad is out of control gross. (I assume that's what the teens were wearing.)

Rushele said...

I completely agree with Tawnya about the skinny jeans!
And that poor girl at the mall, boys should NEVER be allowed to wear girl jeans! They're made differently for a reason!!!!!!!

Photography By Jo said...

hahaha too funny. Don't know why they would want to wear girl jeans lol.