Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas preparations

Attention all AZ parents out there: Bass Pro Shop at Riverview is doing FREE pictures with Santa!!  And it's such a nice little set up.  So we took the kids out there and got some lovely pictures of the kids with Santa.
Plus the kids love going to the "animal store" as they call it.
Sorry babies, I don't think Santa is bring that for you this year!
Future NRA member. Gwen was a crack shot at this game. And isn't it just so cute to see a little four year old holding a rifle!? ;) What!?
Then we also made our trek out to see the Christmas lights at the temple. So much fun! Do you enjoy Gwen's lovely hot chocolate mustache?
Our sweet kids loved getting to be on the temple grounds and loved seeing baby Jesus in the Nativity there. We all love this time of year and Ryan and I love teaching the kids about the real meaning of Christmas.  
MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!  Three days left, get to work!

and look at how cute Ryan's hair is!  (he wants to cut it, but I like it long)


Desi said...

Ryan does look super cute with his long hair. He looks skinny and young! I can't wait to see you guys after Christmas!

Desi said...

You guys are always welcome! That would be so fun!! It's just going to be jo and I for the week, so company would be very entertaining.

Rushele said...

I do love the hot chocolate mustache! Very nice!
We did the temple lights too, so cold out!!! I love going though, it's always so beautiful and the music is wonderful!
Jordan Bluthe is singing there tomorrow night, and he's awesome!
Merry Christmas! Hope you all enjoy!!