Monday, October 04, 2010

two little monkeys hanging from a tree

This morning at 7:00, I was getting dressed and thought the house was awfully quiet. I went to go see what the kids were up to and couldn't find them anywhere in the house. I checked outside, and sure enough, they were out a tree! They have recently discovered climbing trees, and now they spend most of there time in them. The orange tree is too scratchy, so they climb whatever this one is in the front yard.

It's pretty cool how it's toughened them up. My kids cry and need a band aid over any little poke, but now they're covered in scratches! And, no band aids, no whining.
Drake tells me he's going to bring his pillow up and live in the tree. He's my little Mowgli. But it's Gwen who's the super star climber. She got all the way to the top, where the branches don't even look like they could support her weight, and her little head was poking out of the top of the tree. I'm crossing my fingers we won't be in the ER anytime soon.


Taylors said...

awe, totally makes me think of us growing up. Man we had some awesome trees to climb.

Bingham Family said...

so fun. It must be an age thing, cause Haylee is obsessed with them too. I love this. Climbing trees, being dirty, and playing outdoors is the best!

Cec said...

Aww...they aren't babies anymore for sure.

you getting baby hungry yet?