Monday, October 18, 2010

Nike Women's Marathon 2010

Oh man. This was awesome! Did you know my bones are like chalk? I mean really, everytime I try to prepare for a marathon I get hurt. So this time was no different. This time my right foot. So do you know what I did? I took the last 2.5 weeks off from running! And I babied my foot. I even wore my boot! And it totally helped!
So cool things about this run. It's in San Francisco, it's all (well mostly) girls, and you get a Tiffany's necklace for a finishers medal!!
Here I am again with my name on the wall of Nike Town in down town SanFran. It's real, I'm gonna do it. Oh haha. I just said DO IT, and that's Nike's motto, and it was while I was talking about my name on Nike's wall for the Nike marathon, okay I'll stop now. And is my face really this big in real life?

And here I am shaking because I'm so cold standing on some parking garage in down town San Francisco at 6:00 am. Can You Still Feel the Butterflies. (throwin' in a little Eat World tribute)
But here's what's even crazier. My Ry-man and Buster Brown are up with me in the coldness to cheer me on! What a lucky girl I am to have these boys supporting me!!

And as soon as we got there, I got in the humungo line for the porta potties. And low and behold, here I am STILL when the gun goes off for the race to start! That's me in the middle of the picture with the pink socks. In line for the bathroom. Race started.
But I snuck over to the front and was able to start only seven minutes later! Probably before the rest of the people in my coral even.
Cute cheerleader son in his See Mommy Run shirt.
Golden Gate bridge in the background, around mile 6. And yep, it really is that big. My face, not the bridge.
Here I am giving my little man a smooch at mile 16. Ten to go!
Oh ya, did I mention how cold this was? Not too bad for me since I was running (although my feet were soaked and numbed out which actually was good because after ten miles my foot didn't hurt anymore!), but my sweet boys sat in the freezing cold rain to cheer me on!! I mean look how ominous the sky is! And when the wind would blow over the ocean?! Fa-reez-ing!
But they had fun still. Just goofin' off.

And Drakey always finding a dog to pet. He wants a doggy so bad!
but the long wait is finally over! Here I am coming in for the finish! And Tara, Andrew, Gwen, Drake, Aubrey and even baby Leo made it out for it! Don't I have the best family?!
And the only post race photo since again, it was sooo cold, and the kids were anxious to get warm.
And here's my Tiffany's necklace handed to me by a fireman in a tuxedo. Seriously.
So I finished. Which I'm happy about. I let go of any time goals since my training was minimal at best, but I was still able to beat my SLC Marathon time! It helped not having torn ligaments in my ankle this time. ;)
And then after the marathon, we showered, ate, packed up, hugged the Taylors good bye and drove home!!! Made it home at 5:00 this morning. Just enough time to get 2.5 hours of sleep and make it to my morning class. But walking isn't such a successful story. My knees don't like me right now. I can't blame them. San Fran hills are brutal.


Desi said...

CONGRATS!! And your face is gorgeous!!

whitney said...

you rock kristin! that's a seriously rough course.... crazy hills!

Taylors said...

good work kristin. I will have Andrew e-mail you the video we got of you running.

Emily said...

Awesome job Kristin!

Amy said...

you rock

MediocreMama said...

Way to go Mamacita!