Monday, October 18, 2010

Apple Hill

Okay, here's the dealio. Alotta updating to do, and alotta Contracts reading to do. The blog wins, my grades will suffer.
Last Monday, the kids and I made the llllloooonnnngggg drive up to Sacramento. We had fun though. I love road trips! I mean come on, who doesn't love eating junk food all day while jamming out to Bon Jovi and Let's Play Music songs, and seeing how long you can go with the gas light on?

Then Tuesday we went with Grammy up to Apple Hill. It's this darling area in the hills where there are a whole bunch of apple orchards. And of course my little monkey had to climb a few apple trees.

Could you just die? Look at my sweet little boy with his puffy hair all a glow.

How about this one, look at Drake's face. He was surprised when he realized that he was actually holding the horse and the horse was trying to walk away.

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Tawnya said...

Cute pics! Did you outfit them with the hats and bandannas before or buy them there?