Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year I was definitely not going to make costumes. so we picked these up at Costco back in August! I would not let them take the costumes off the hangers because i could just imagine them ruining them or what not. Still Drake managed to lose his helmet somehow. Oh well. Ryan took Drake to get a new helmet so his Iron Man costume would be complete. Gwen of course wanted to be a "pretty witch."

I don't know why our ward didn't do a Trunk of Treat this year, especially with Halloween being on a Sunday and all, so last night we crashed the other McPhie's Trunk of Treat. There was a Nanny McPhee there that the McPhies had to get a picture with.

And leave it to Emily to paint her girl's faces so cool. And too bad I didn't get a picture of Cloe's fish face! You would have died at how cute it was. These little monsters were adorable!

And then on Halloween we had to have our traditional Jack O'Lantern Stew.

Then since we didn't T or T tonight, the kids wanted to dress in their costumes and hand out candy. They had a blast.

We also watched Hocus Pocus a couple of times this weekend. I love that movie!! And now so do the kids. I love Halloween time.


Emily said...

Those are amazing Costco costumes! I was thinking about your jack o lantern stew last night. Maybe next year.

JacksonFamily said...

Too cute! You look awesome by the way. Why didn't Ryan dress up?

Allison said...

really too cute! i love the "pretty witch". you amaze me that you have time to be such a good mom, athlete, wife and law school student. what an example!

Tawnya said...

I need to get Hocus Pocus. The kids look sweet.