Monday, October 18, 2010

Baby Leo!!

After we spent a few days in Sacramento, we headed out to Concord to spend some times with the Taylors, and meet the newest one, Leo. The kids loved him! (And notice Gwen's black eye that we have no idea how she got)

And I loved him too! Remember you have three years of school Kristin. There will be no time for a baby. Even a sweet scrumptious little boy like Leo. :(
These boys had a great time together too. They got along so well and loved all the wrestling they got to do. Ryan flew out Wednesday morning so although he's not pictured (yet) he was there too, and he loved him some Aubrey! This little girl was so dang sweet to him. Oh yah, I don't know what got into Drake, but he was busting out some sweet dance moves all week! Here he is showing off in the middle of the street. I like to call this move the Chris Angel.
We went to Half Moon Bay for their Pumpkin Festival. Holy smokes! We sat in traffic FOR-EVER to get there and get out! Honestly, at one point it took us 45 minutes to move maybe 100 yards!! Pure torture. But while we were there, we got to see Farmer Dave carve Megamind in a giant pumpkin. We had a hunky dory time eating over priced food and going through an over priced "Haunted House".

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Taylors said...

ha ha, that pic of Aubrey makes her look huge!!!! And Leo seriously looks like a 3 month old in your arms. We miss you guys already!!