Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ragnar Las Vegas 2010

Real Housewives of AZ. One of the most fun weekends ever! Loved it ladies.

Don't know what Ragnar is? It's a 200 mile relay. 12 people are on your team, 6 people in each van. Each person runs three legs of the race. We started at 10:30 Friday morning, and finished at about 5:00 Saturday runner is running the whole time! So we really didn't sleep at all. Can I tell you that there is something magical about running on a highway road at 2:00 am? Just your itunes and the stars. Oh, but watch out for tarantulas and snakes!

After the race ended, we headed to the Venetian for a relaxing night in the hot tub, ordering room service and a movie. Perfect way to end it. Oh, and I forgot to mention, we took 4th place for the women's teams!!

I'm a little embarrassed by how long it took me to make this video. I think because I had to listen to just about every song on my itunes before I finally picked my #1 running song anyway. I love Ben Kweller.
Also, don't hate the rose lenses people. They're totally hip. (and that's what happens when you buy your sunglasses from eBay)


Taylors said...

It wont let me watch the video. It says "This is a private video."

Jasmyn said...

This gets me soooo excited for February! Can't wait....looks like you all had a blast!

MediocreMama said...

Awwwww want to do it all over again already.