Thursday, September 30, 2010

who loves Sparky?

Last weekend we got to go to the ASU football game and watch them get spanked by Oregon. We brought the kids, and it was funny! And hot!! It was still over 100ยบ when the game started at 7:30. This heat wave is killing me. It reminds me of the last 400 meters of a race, your exhausted and just pushing as hard as you can because you can see the end. Well we're exhausted from the summer and the cooler weather is supposed to be here and we're just holding on for the end of temps over 100.
It's just odd being at an ASU game, and having your 6 year old stand up and yell to everyone, "if you love Sparky raise your hand!"... several times. BYU I can picture it. But SKANK.S.U? Also, she'd start cheering "A-S-U" and then it'd morph into "U-S-A!" I just love that girl.
The kids loved the game, which is good but also worrisome. We're still working on brainwashing them to love BYU the most.
Once when I was doing my brainwashing routine and asked Gwen where she was going to go to college, she said ASU. I was shocked, the kids have always said BYU in the past. I said, "you mean BYU right?" And she said, "but you and daddy go to ASU". Touche. So I explained to her that undergrad is BYU or an ivy league school, and then she could go anywhere (like ASU) for grad work. I know. We're bad.

The kids took their turn with the camera:

And this was just before Drake got a high five from Sparky. He loved it. And again worry. Need to get them to love Cosmo more than Sparky. ;)


Desi said...

I am glad you are teaching your young children the difference between their undergrad and post grad work. Nice work!! I MISS YOU!!

Blake and Allison said...

you guys sure are cute and the kids did a great job with their picture taking skills. poor gwen though, she is the only in a white t-shirt.

Emily said...

Love these pictures!

Tawnya said...

Gwen cracks me up.

Margo_Ashley said...

such a great looking family and I cant believe little Gwen is such a mini you!!!!