Sunday, September 12, 2010

true story

Yes, I have a million other things to be doing right now besides blogging. Like reading for Torts tomorrow, or writing my memo outline which also is due tomorrow, or folding the mountain of laundry on my couch, or cleaning my kitchen that is a mess from dinner and cookies, but I'm not. I want to blog and go to bed. Too bad really I'm just waisting study time and I'll be up really late. Oh well.
Yesterday morning I did the Special Olympics Triathlon. It's really neat, they have a sprint for anybody, but then they also have events for Special Olympics athletes, and obviously it all benefits the Special Olympics program. I can not keep my eyes from watering when I see these amazing people trying so hard to swim, bike and run. They are so determined and happy it's so cool to be apart of it all.
Anyhoo, I was stoked for this race because it was my first with my new bike. But I was also worried because I have been sick all week! I've been hacking like a smoker, sore throat, congested, and all sorts of nastiness. So Saturday morning I woke up and felt so yucky I didn't even want to go. But I'm such a tightwad that I wasn't about to forfeit $75 in race fees, so I took some sudafed and left at the crack of dawn.
The race went well other than a few hang ups. Like half way through the swim, as I was swimming under a lane line, my goggles got caught and came off! I stopped and wasn't sure what to do. I didn't want to tread water for too long to put them back on so I decided to throw them out of the pool and do the rest with out goggles. That was interesting. I collided with three swimmers head on because I could barely see. Sorry guys!
Then after the bike, once I started running, I was having some bad coughing fits, and had to stop to throw up FOUR TIMES!!!! I was considering walking the rest of the run portion, but half way in I got my second wind and was able to book it and make up for some of the lost time.
So with all of my hang ups, was sooooo surprised to see that I won my age group!!! Again!!! What the heck?!?!?!?! My last three races I've won my age group! I don't know what's going on. I'm just expecting to start hearing the Twilight Zone music playing or something.

So here I am getting my Special Olympics cowbell with a sticker on it that says first place. Like I said, this is a fundraiser for Special Olympics, so don't expect too much. :)
And then you get to pose with this guy. I think he's just a police officer. Cool. At least he had really soft hands.
And me with my new baby! I'm so in love.
Speaking of being in love, get this conversation I had with Drake yesterday:
D- Mom, you and dad were married a long time ago, huh?
K- Yep.
D- Were you brother and sister?
K- Nooooo.
D- Me and Gwen are brother and sister huh?
K- Yep.
D- Do you know who I want to marry?
K- Who?
D- You!
Awww, melt my heart Drakey! That's way better than winning a triathlon! Now I officially LOVE having a son. It only took four years. But Edipus Rex stuff is just so cute. (except when it's for real, and then that's nasty!!)


Emily said...

Kristin you're hilarious! I can't believe you kept going (and won!) after losing your goggles and throwing up. You're way tougher than me. :)

MediocreMama said...

Proud of you! Unbelievable.

Amy said...

you're awesome. i love how hardcore you are. ps being a sweet little boys mom is the bomb.

sochie said...

Kristin, you are so freaking awesome! i dont think you give yourself enough credit. obviously you rock for winning your age group while hacking up a lung and puking 4 times. I love reading about your adventures! I just think you are an amazing woman. I'd marry you too!