Thursday, September 23, 2010

some advice from Mama Kristin

I can call myself that because I'm an "older"student. You know, not 22 like most of my fellow 1Ls.
Hhh hhmm. While in class don't twirl your hair. In the midst of your hair twirling, your professor might think you're raising you hand and then call on you. Then in your .3 second internal debate, the thought of trying to just start talking while trying to think of what the question even was might win over just telling your professor that you weren't raising your hand, but just twirling your hair like a ditz. But now it's too late. You started talking, and as these words are coming out of your mouth, you'll realize that what you're saying isn't what your professor even asked, and you're just totally wrong. So no hair twirling please.


Taylors said...

that dumb bastard!! ha ha its a skooner!!!

Blake and Allison said...