Monday, April 23, 2007

Space Needle

Of course being in Seattle, we had to go to the Space Needle. It is 650 feet tall, $13 dollars a person (adult) to go to the top, and verrrry cool. It was built to be an attraction when the Olympics were in Seattle. And I thought that I'd see Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan at the top, but Ryan told me I had the movie wrong and that they met at the top of the Empire State building. Hello? The movie's call Sleepless in SEATTLE! Okay, I remember now. Sorry.

Gwen though it was fun and all, but really had no idea how high we were. She instead really enjoyed making a space needle at the "Space Crafts" center inside, and all the rides at the bottom of the Space Needle.

She had so much fun playing with Jodi's nephews. (She has a thing for boys with accents. Who can blame her? ;) Issac (I'm sure I spelled that wrong, and if you say it with an Australian accent, it's Eye-Zack phoenetically) and Kade are some of the cutest boys ever. They took her for a spin in a little jeep. Cute huh?


Summer Adams said...

Wow, that last pic looks amazing!

McPhie Family said...

Hey, thanks!!! :)