Monday, April 09, 2007

And more Easter!

Easter was a special day for us. After church, we went over to Tawnya and Kolby's house where we do our Jerusalem dinner. We eat traditional and symbolic food on the floor! It's so yummy! We had lamb and barley, lentil soup, flat bread, unleavened bread, bitter herbs, and grape juice instead of wine. After wards, Gavin and Emily invited us and Emily and Sharod Eagar over for desert. Emily whipped up a delicious pina colada cake. It was tres bien! ;)

Later on in the evening we adults were playing DVD pop culture Trivial Pursuit, and to get the kids to let us play in peace, we had them go upstairs and prepare for a fashion show. Delia was the show coordinator, and was able to get her, Gwen and Cloe looking glamorous! Although, I don't typically see models cleaning the runway, I'm sure Emily appreciated Gwen sweeping her living room!

Drake was a happy spectator watching all those beautiful girls go by!

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