Monday, April 09, 2007

More Easter!

Cute little Drake and Jack were pinned up on the porch while we were all out building the fire to cook our foil dinners in. And when we turned them loose in the cabin, Jack started crawling!! Congrats Jack! Sorry Tara and Andy! :)
One of our fun activities while we were there was hatchet throwing! Kolby and Eli brought up their hatchets and we took turns hurling them at trees. It turns out it's a lot harder than it looks, only Kolby and I were lucky enough (or should I say strong enough) to get it to stick in the tree! hehehehe. So this is me by my amazing throw, the first time I stuck it. Turns out if I do my special Indian hatchet throwing dance, I can get it to stick. :)

We were all so impressed with Gwen's amazing egg finding skills! But despite the help from daddy, she still wasn't lucky enough to find the money egg. We leave those special tracking skills to your truely. The Indian spirits were really with me on this trip!

After the egg hunt, we all dumped out our booty on a blanket and ate our teeth rotten! What a fabulous egg hunt! Thanks for sponsoring it this year Tawnya and Kolby! And congrats on the large tree you felled Kolby!

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BowmanFamily said...

I love the sexy pose by the hatchet! That is definitely a talent you should share at the ward talent show!