Tuesday, April 24, 2007

How are we allowed to be parents?

While we were in Seattle, we planned on taking the Victoria Clipper to Victoria, British Columbia. Yes, that's in Canada people. At first we thought we wouldn't be able to go because we didn't have passports for the kids and it would take some time to get them. But then we learned that boat entrance into Canada didn't yet require passports. Horray. So we didn't worry about it anymore. So Sunday comes-the day we are going to go, we get to the dock and realize that we didn't bring the kid's birth certificates! Just because we didn't need passports for them doesn't mean we don't need anything for them, AND WE KNEW THAT!! What makes it worse, Ryan and I were both without our wallets! Since it was just a day trip, we brought our IDs and debit cards. We left our wallets, my purse, the kids shot records (which I brought for proof of age for flying)-basically everything!
So because of the chaos of getting our group of twenty or so people on to the boat, we got through that relatively easy. But going through immigration and customs getting into Canada was different. They asked us if we had papers for the kids. No. So they took our id's back to run a background check on us, came back and then asked Gwen some questions. "Who are these people?" To which Gwen answered, "my mommy and Ryan!" Luckily the guy let us through anyway and we got a lecture on traveling between countries, we need proof of who these kids are.
Then when we were ready to leave and go back to the good ol' USA, we knew we were in for it again! The guy at immigration had a bunch of questions for us. Including do you have any pictures on you to prove these are your kids? No! Not even pictures on our cell phones because of course we didn't have those either! So we answered a bunch of questions about where we were born, what schools are in those cities, (Ryan doesn't know what if anything's in Dickinson, North Dakota), why we were in Seattle, and why we were in Victoria, and why we were traveling without wallets, phones, etc.
Hello, didn't they realize I am and therefore my kids are Native American? We felt like complete idiots, and rightfully so! My only excuse is that we have just been under so much stress lately, we weren't thinking at all! So I know, you're thinking we shouldn't have charge over kids. Hey, we're still learning, and we've vowed to be more responsible. [I won't go into the story about how we also lost our return tickets to Seattle]
But our trip was amazing! Victoria is one of the most beautiful places ever! There were seriously like a million tulips! And it was so GREEN!Another example of how forgetful we are, when we were loading up the car to go to the airport, Ryan took out the double stroller to make room for our luggage. That stroller was in there for a reason-so we could use it! So our entire trip we carried our kids! My arms are still sore from carrying them around. Luckily for our tour of the Butchart gardens they had strollers ther for us to use!

Garth was being my hero and releived me of carrying Drake for a while. Of course Drake fell asleep while Garth was holding him. How cute.


Summer Adams said...

I couldn't help but laugh hysterically because I could easily see that happening to us because I'm such a control/organizational freak about traveling. One day....I'm sure I'll do it too. Just my luck. I hope not though. Sounds like a fun trip, regardless :)

ben and whitney shafer family said...

don't worry, you're not alone. i've forgotten my kids' birth certificates, too, when taking a flight to portland to visit ben's parents. i was lucky they let me get on the plane. i guess i'm an irresponsible parent, too. :) no, it's totally an honest mistake.

Taylor Family said...

That picture of Drake and Garth is cute