Tuesday, September 29, 2009

3 things

1.So this might be a little different than the song I usually sing. And maybe the reason I love Apples today is really because mine sux. Here it goes. I made an appointment today at the Genius Bar because my external hard drive wasn't backing up thru Timemachine. (turns out my external hard drive bit the dust and now there was no point in having it in the first place!) But while I was there I asked what caused these miscolored stripes down my screen that I just figured were wear and tear. The guy looked up my serial number and saw that I was still covered under my Apple Care package and so now I get an entirely new monitor!!! So I'm excited that my originally crappy monitor is getting replaced just weeks shy of my three years coverage from Apple Care.
Ryan and I used to have different views on buying warranties. Now I'm always going to get one.

2.Yesterday I sewed my finger! My friend Jasmyn was over with her little boy, and I turned quickly to say something to him and I sewed through my fingernail and finger tip. I had to pull my finger off. I haven't done that since I was a little girl learning how to sew. And I never told my mom because I thought she wouldn't let me sew anymore.
The picture doesn't look bad (beside the band aid residue on my finger and nail) but essentially it's like I sliced the end of my finger into my nail.

3.Yesterday at Sprouts they had some beautiful Broccoliflower. I couldn't resist. So I made it tonight and it was so yummy. At first Gwen looked at it disgusted and asked what it was. When she heard it was called broccoliflower and I talked about how pretty it was she loved it! That girl loves flowers!


Jasmyn said...

ok I had no idea it was that bad! You flinched, said "ow" and then kept right on sewing. Now I feel horrible! I think I owe you some more zucchini bread to try and make it up to you:)

P.S. Thanks again for helping me (doing it for me!) with the car seat cover...I love it!

Taylors said...

hmm, I dont know if I've ever seen broccoliflower. do you use it the same way you do broccoli? It IS really pretty

Rushele said...

I've never heard of broccoliflower. It does look pretty though. Does it taste anything at all like cauliflower?
I'm sorry you sewed your finger! That doesn't look fun at all!!