Sunday, September 13, 2009

thank goodness for a day of rest!

Friday was Katie's (Eli's little girl) second birthday. We went to Chuckee Cheese for dinner and playing. The kids had a ball and keep asking to go back. Isn't she a cutie pie? We were having camera issues so almost EVERY picture from that night are blurred and light streaked.
But we did get Gwen and Katie driving a truck,
and Drake playing skee ball. He LOVED it!

Then Saturday morning we woke up at 5:00 to head up to DC Ranch for a triathlon I did.
Here's my support team minus my amazing husband. Thank you guys for waking up so early and cheering me on! And I know that this swim suit is less than flattering. But it's for a 14 year old, but it was on way clearance, so I can look like a dork for cheap.
That person in the middle is me passing person number 3! When the swim is in a pool, it's serpentine style. You swim up and back one lane, swim under the lane marker and then up and down the next lane all the way across the pool. It makes passing kind of tough but getting a mouthful of pool water is better than a mouthful of lake water.

And here's how the kids keep them selves entertained while mom's out on the bike or run:
tree climing,
dog petting,
getting wet in the fountain.
Finally I'm back from the bike! I loved doing this on my new bike! I was so much more comfortable that I was actually able to drink and ride (ha ha I had to), and eat my power jelly bellys. Plus going up hills weren't too bad, and there were a lot of hills.
And that blurry person about to go through the finish is me!
Poor Drakey had fallen and skinned his knee just before I finished, so he wasn't too happy in this picture.

Then as soon as I finished (we didn't even wait for results), we jumped in the car and headed to the lake where Sharod took us out on the boat.
Here's Ryan looking sexy.
And the kids loving it! Drakes face was frozen like that for the first half hour on the boat. He was so excited!

And Sharod became Drake's new best friend when he let Drake drive the boat. Drake really took the wheel and took us for a spin!
But I don't even think driving the boat topped Drake's excitement when Uncle Sharod took Drake wake boarding! Drake's been sitting on my lap just staring at these pictures of him wake boarding and on the boat.

After the lake we headed straight to the law school for a BBQ that we had to bring some stuff to. No time to go home or shower! We didn't get home until 10:30. It was a crazy busy day!


Taylors said...

I can just imagine how excited Drake was! Good job on your THIRD tri!!! holy smokes, now its time to have another kid. Come on all three of us girls should get knocked up at the same time. That would be AWESOME!

Desi said...

That is the best post. No wonder you are in such good shape. YOU STAY BUSY!! And I love how you can work jelly belly's into any activity! You're my hero!

Tawnya said...

Great pics, Kris. Ryan, you need some lessons.... Good job on another tri. I guess it's time I got motivated to do another one.

Bingham Family said...

Way to go on the triathalon. I am toying with the idea of doing casa grande one, but seriously I am so out of shape so we will see. Also, I would have to use my mountain bike... and that might be tough, so we will see. Great job, looks like it was an amazing day!

Rushele said...

Sounds like quite the busy day!! Fun though.
Our kids absolutely loved going out to the lake on the boat too! I think Raegan has some pictures very similar to Drake's.
Good job on your triathalon! You're amazing!!

brian and thera tolman said...

Nice job Kristin! You are rockin in that swim cap and speedo girl! I think you are the only person I know with the energy to pull off a day like that.

Emily said...

congrats on your tri! I think you look hot in that swimsuit. I LOVE Drake's face!

sochie said...

awesome pictures!! it sounds like you had a super fun day. I seriously think you rock for doing a triathalon too.