Monday, September 21, 2009

fun family week

Last Friday Garth, Jodie and Sydney came down from Alaska to spend a week+ with us! It has been a muey fun week.

We hiked Camelback...
to the top this time!
And saw this guy on the way down. He was big! At least a foot long. Probably closer to 17 feet.
Wednesday Sydney was blessed. Look how sweet she looks in her white dress.
We also had BBQs and Delia was baptized Saturday, but too bad I didn't bring my camera that day. Molly, Darren and their crew even drove down from Salt Lake for the baptism. Again, I'm in trouble for not getting any pictures of the cousins playing. The week went busy!! I'm excited to get back to a routine and hopefully getting some reading done.
Also yesterday was our wards primary program. Gwen got to sing the third line of "I'm Trying to Be Like Jesus" as a solo, at the podium, right into the mic. She did awesome. And after her solo was over and the member of the primary presidency pushed the mic up for the rest of the primary to sing together the chorus, Gwen pulled it back down so she was singing right into it the remainder of the song. Everyone thought that was cute and she got some giggles. I'm so glad she is so confident and loves performing. I'm sure it helped with all the support she had in the audience. Thanks to Gigi, Grammy, Garth, Jodie, Darren, Molly et al., Ethan, and Lauren for coming to support Gwenny.
In some sadder news, my marathon is less than four weeks away now, and I'm still having pain from my second stress fracture. So I'm not really running right now. I'm just trying to keep up my cardio by biking and swimming, and we'll have to see what happens in SanFran. It'll be crazy for sure-how will my body handle 26 miles when I haven't run more than three in a month and a half!? Hopefully another week or two of rest and I can start it up again. All I can hear right now is Tobias saying "Let the great experiment begin!" because this is truly going to be an experiment: what happens when someone who hasn't trained for a marathon attempts to run one?


Jeppesen Family said...

hahahahha, I love Tobias! When are they going to make that movie???
Anyway, Catherine and I were supposed to run St George next weekend, and we aren't now. Running that much is so hard on your body! I think I like Triathlons better... But good luck! I think you'll do great!
ALso, once you break those shoes in, do they rub on your pinkies less? B/c they're so cute! But I don't want pain every time I wear them!

Taylors said...

where is drake in the family photo? also did you make gwen another bandana dress and do the smocking? its super cute!

Rushele said...

Congrats to Gwen for doing so great on the Primary program!! I love that she pushed the mic back down to her mouth! Kids are hilarious!