Thursday, September 24, 2009

earning my keep

That's what my dad used to tell us when we were growing up. He'd tell us to clean because we had to earn our keep.
So yesterday I got called in to work at the temple. The shift is 9:30PM to 1:30AM. I was already so tired I could have gone to bed at 8! So Ryan told me I should just stay the night at my parent's house which is like 4 minutes from the temple instead of driving the 25 minutes home to our house. Since I almost fell asleep on the way home the last time I worked I figured that'd be a good idea. So that meant that Ryan would have to get the kids up, dressed, fed, and make their lunches. And he did!! He got them to my mom's by 8:05 so I could have time to fix Gwen's hair and get them to school. So when we got home this afternoon, I walked into a disaster area! Just look. at the condition of the house.

Now I'm not blaming this on Ryan. A lot of this was my mess, but all the food from preparing lunches for him and the kids was still left out, there were clothes and toys everywhere. I'm serious. These pictures don't even do justice because this mess was so expansive that the camera couldn't capture it. So I worked my hiny off, and cleaned for 4 constant hours...

Here's the after.
Oh, it feels so much better.


Desi said...

The same thing happened to my house when Josiah watched Zekels. Oh, and the paint color by my back door... We picked a perfect color for all of our common areas, and then Josiah went to buy 5 gallons. they didn't have the right brand, and this was what we got. It's a little darker and a shade different, but we like it. I think. We have 5 gallons, so we're stuck! It may or may not clash with my couches!

sochie said...

That is exactly what happens when Kenny takes care of the kids:) It must be a man thing ;)

Rushele said...

What do you do when you're working at the temple?
Wow, you worked hard to clean up your house, looks awesome!!!
I can only imagine what my house would look like if Scott were solely in charge of getting everyone moving and out the door.
He has actually done Raegan's hair for me before....she gets "one pony in the back" as she says it, and it totally looks like daddy did it, but not too shabby. At least he tries, right?!!

Ryan said...

Sooo tempting to say something...must resist! The urge to defend myself is strong...I loved the clean house when I got home. Thank you, Kristin.

Taylors said...

It's always a toss up. Have a kid free night, but a messy house when you come back or stay and have a semi clean house. the after looks great though. and kudos to ryan for taking care of the kids and getting them ready and everything on time!!