Wednesday, September 09, 2009


I almost killed our baby kitty. Seriously!!
The other day I was in a hurry and did some grocery shopping and came home just to put the cold stuff in the refrigerator. So I ran in and put the stuff in, then was going out to the car when I noticed some cottage cheese that I had missed. So I went back to put it in, and when I opened the fridge door, the kitty came out!!!!! He has this annoying habit of coming and sniffing the inside of the fridge whenever it's opened, I didn't see that he had climbed in! Could you imagine what would have happened if we got home that night and Drake went to the fridge to get some milk and a dead baby kitty rolled out? I had the sickest feeling after that, almost like it had happened.

Anyhoo, I've started running again. Aside from one week of running at the beginning of August
(before I got stress fracture number dos (that's 2 for you Spanishly challenged)), I haven't run for TWO MONTHS!!! And while it feels good to get on the pavement again, I'm starting to wonder if it's possible to train for a marathon in 5 weeks. I mean my running schedule says I should run 18 miles Saturday. Not going to happen. Especially while I'm still taking it easy since my leg is not 100% yet. Heck, it's probably not even 85% yet, but it hasn't bothered me during running yet. Darn my osteoporotic bones! Viactive is my new homie.


Taylors said...

oh my gosh, that would have been horrible if the kitty got stuck in there!!! Thank goodness for that cottage cheese!

So you have TWO stress fractures? What the heck? Why are our bodies already failing us? We havent even hit 30 yet and they can even train right. Arent we supposed to have awesome indian bodies that can take whatever the world hands us?

sochie said...

crazy about the kitty. if it did happen, what a way go. anyways, you are amazing. i cant believe you are even considering training for a marathon in 5 weeks. why dont you live near me and be my trainer!?

Jasmyn said...

I didn't know you got a second one! Please tell me you aren't actually running on the pavement....that is so bad for your joints. You have to run on the asphalt or canal. Your poor little body....Your still a rockstar though!!!!!

Rushele said...

That's a cute little kitty!
And I do believe that it would've been quite scarring to find a dead kitty in the fridge. Good thing you caught the cottage cheese before you left and went back to put it away!