Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Up and Down

I've been delaying this post since I can't find my camera and I wanted to add photos, but oh well.

So my birthday was fantastic!  I was more like a weekend celebration.  Since my birthday was on a Sunday, and the day before is Independence Day, we went out to dinner as a family on Friday.  That's also when I received my gifts.  I can put a check next to just about everything on my list! (obviously except for the extravagant like the Dooney and Burke purse and kitty!)  Ryan spoiled me-he even put together a group gift to get me my ROAD BIKE!!!!  Yippeee!  I was so excited to start riding everyday... until yesterday.  
Then on the fourth, we went to see WICKED!!

It was amazing!  I loved it!
   Then Sunday we had the family over for dinner and coconut cake and ice cream.  yum yum

Okay so yesterday:  I went to a sports medicine Dr. about my stress fracture.  He said no physical activity for probably a couple months.  I told him I was still hoping to participate in the marathon in October.  He said highly unlikely.  I told him I was planning on swimming, cycling and weight training to maintain my muscles until I can run again.  He said NO cycling, NO weight training, and NO more walking than absolutely necessary!  I guess I should be happy I can still swim.  But I was so devastated I left his office in tears.  So much for riding my new bike everyday.  :(


ivette said...

Sexy legs. Happy Bday!

Jasmyn said...

So glad you had a great birthday weekend...I think we should always get more than one day to celebrate anyway:)
So sorry to here about your leg...but just think about how much nicer the weather will be when you can break in your new bike. And in this heat, swimming is the best choice anyway!

Taylors said...

that sucks about your leg
thats awesome about your b-day gifts!

Rushele said...

I'm so sorry about your leg! It does suck to have all that taken from you for 2 whole months, although 2 months is a relatively small amount of time to allow your body to heal so that you can continue the things you love without further damage to your body that could become permanent!!
I'm so jealous you went to Wicked! I wanted to go so badly, but we never bought tickets before they sold out.
Happy Be-lated Birthday!!!

Midlife Midwife said...

Happy Birthday! It was wonderful to see you and Ryan and your family at Wicked....ohhhh, such a good show! You are amazing and I hope you remember that I love you!