Sunday, July 19, 2009

twin cousins

If you didn't know, Drake was born on the same day as his cousin Jack. Not planned. Totally different due dates, but wound up being born 6 hours apart in the same hospital, by the same (wonderful) midwife. They just love each other, and luckily we have ichat to keep them connected since Jack moved to California a year and a half ago. So this year, Tara loaded up the kids and drove down to AZ-despite the 115ยบ weather- so the boys could celebrate their 3rd birthday together.  

The first day, we went swimming.  
Jack wasn't having the pool, so he spent his time on the deck watching the landscapers.  
And Drake kicked it in the pool.

Well, they played and fought all week.
It was wonderful.  
Then the weekend started with the boys birthday.
We took them to Big Surf to cool off and play.
This time Jack enjoyed the water a lot more.  Maybe he was just so desperate to cool off.
This girl should be a swim suit model!
How cute are Eli and Katie?  (the answer is super)
What about this man-child: Kit? 
I did get a family picture with out Aubrey walking in front of the camera, but she conveniently covered Kristin in a swim suit, so this is the posted one!  ;)
Then after lots of really good ideas, and the procrastination to eliminate them all, we settled on a Cars themed birthday party.  They both love Lightning McQueen.
How cute are they?  We just did a family party at Gigi's, but it was great.
Then the weekend ended and it was time to say good bye.
We'll miss you guys!


Cyn said...

Wow, that is so great!! It looked like you guys had tons of fun!!!! I can not believe how big your kids have gotten, they are adorable!!!

Tawnya said...

Let's just say Tara needs to visit more often.

Jasmyn said...

So sorry we missed it! We still owe Drake a new buzz doll, I didn't forget:)

Rushele said...

How fun for the boys that they share a birthday! I love it!
So glad you were all able to be together to celebrate and enjoy family time.

Taylors said...

those are some awesome pictures!! and that is very convenient that aubrey stepped into the picture at the right spot! and i'm still just lovin the bangs!

now its your turn to come out and visit. it only 81 degrees today! and chilly at night!