Thursday, July 02, 2009

5 years old!!

My little Gwenny turned 5 yesterday.  Seriously, where does time go?  My friend Holly commented on facebook yesterday  "it seems like just yesterday you were nursing her on the an apartment without furniture".  Yep, Gwen was born during one of those summer sales summers.  We were in Texas and I came home to Arizona to have Gwen delivered by my amazing friend and midwife.  But as soon as she was two weeks old we headed back out to be with Ryan.  Only then the managers decided to move office location.  We were then in Oklahoma (after being in Texas).  And we would only be there for a couple of weeks before we were moved again to Kansas.  And that was were we didn't have furniture for maybe a week?  It was HARD!  But there were some guys in the office who heard that I had a newborn, and no bed or even chair and they were nice enough to donate theirs until our furniture came.  Thanks guys, I don't even remember who it was.  So Gwen, you had an interesting first two months.  It didn't get much better either.  In Kansas we didn't have a crib for you, so you slept on an armchair surrounded by blankets.  But I'll never forget that horrible feeling when I was awakened in the middle of the night to the thud of my newborn falling off the chair to the floor.  Sorry.  But you turned out perfect anyway!  ;)  
Gwen, you have been our sunshine for five years now.  It's incredible how much my life has changed since you've been around.  It is so much harder yet infinitely better at the same time.  Thanks for being my spunky, sassy, funny, gorgeous little girl.  I love you my big five year old!
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Heather said...

Happy Birthday Gwen!!

Rushele said...

Happy Birthday to Gwen!!
Can't believe she's so big! I remember seeing her for the first time at Tawnya's wedding in a beautiful dress that her very talented mother made for her.
Our girls are almost exactly a year apart, Raegan turns 4 on Aug. 4th. She can't wait either! Anyone that asks her how old she is she says "I'm 3, I'll be 4 on August fourf".

Desi said...

HAHA I can't believe that you admit that she fell off the chair! That's awesome. Happy birthday gwen!

Midlife Midwife said...

Happy birthday Gwen (OK I'm a little late) but still remember your birth with happy and fond memories...your mommy is so strong and wonderful!