Sunday, July 26, 2009

handy hubby

Yesterday we pulled out the gross carpet that was in our dining room, and laid laminate flooring. This was our first time, and I'm pretty proud of the job we did! It took us all day! It didn't help to get 4/5 (that's an exact measurement people) done and realize we had the space to lay the cover between floors wrong, and pull it all out and recut the ends! It was a good learning experience, and it's so nice having a floor that's easy to clean spills up from!
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Tawnya said...

Nicely done!!

Jasmyn said...

Great job you two! The dining woom looks so much bigger now too:)

Rushele said...

Ooooh, very pretty! Nice job!!!
That is definitely something to be proud of.
BTW in regards to the Hale performance of Beauty and the Beast, I know that the children's pricing of $10 was extended to at least this weekend. And honestly, there are ALWAYS kids under 6 there. I'm sure Gwen is a well behaved little lady, I'd just call and try again for tickets and if they ask her age again just fib a little and tell them she's 6. They'll never ask again, only on the phone, so how will they ever notice any differently?!!

Desi said...

I'M SO JEALOUS! We want to replace our carpet, but I'm scared that when I drop my babies/they roll off the couch, it will hurt a lot more. So now I'm thinking in 2 years when they're both walking. Just two more years with pee pee, poopy, foody, doggie, nasty carpet!