Friday, June 26, 2009

summer movies II

Oh, we were so excited to see Year One!  We are huge Jack Black and Michael Cera fans!!!  Seriously, Orange County, School of Rock, Nacho Libre, and Michael Cera?  All I have to say is Arrested Development.  Funny funny.  So high expectations for this movie.  Not that it's be some moving, amazing, film, but that we'd get some good easy laughs.  And they were there for sure, along with a lot of sexual innuendos and crude gestures.  So the movie was funny, but for sure one that you only need to see once (if that) and definitely not one to buy on DVD.  
The Proposal on the other hand-I'm so getting this one on DVD!  I loved it!  So cute and funny.  I was worried that this was going to be a bit risque too since all I'd heard about it was the nude seen they were really nude.  So I thought it would have some big sex scene in it.  Nope!  Totally clean.  Makes for a movie you're not embarrassed to have in your collection.  And honestly, we laughed so much through out the whole thing.  And I just love Sandra Bullock.  And Ryan Reynolds isn't too bad himself.  And Ryan (husband Ryan) liked it too, so it's not a "chick flick".


Jasmyn said...

We just saw "The Proposal" yesterday and loved it. So cute and funny. Joel thought it was good too so definately a good date movie, I think:)

Rushele said...

I'd have to say that Year One pretty much seemed to me that it'd be just what you described....inappropriate and not worth my time.
BUT, The Proposal was pleasantly surprising. We loved it and couldn't stop laughing almost the entire time! In fact so many people laughed so much that we missed a few lines of the movie due to the loudness of laughter. Definitely worth our time!!