Sunday, June 21, 2009


A friend asked me to make a spider man cake and cupcakes to go along with it for her son's birthday today.  Well Drake was all excited because he though it was for him.  We're about to start cake season in our house.  Gwen's birthday is July 1, me July 5, Drake July 17, and Ryan August 16.  So it was good to get out all the cake decorating things and reassess what I need.  

In other spiderman news, I might have something like spidey sense after tomorrow.  I've been having pain in my legs while I run and stress fractures are suspected.  I already had a x-ray which usually won't show stress fractures, so I have to go in for a bone scan.  I was reading about it and you are injected radioactive material!!!  Bone scans are considered NUCLEAR medicine!!!!  I'm a little nervous and wasn't going to do it, but after my run yesterday I figured maybe I better.  I have my fingers crossed that they'll say "oh it's nothing, keep running and you'll have no problem training for your marathon!"  Or just like how Spiderman was bitten by a radio active spider and became a super human, maybe my injection will make me a super runner!
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Tawnya said...

The cake and cupcakes look awesome!! I wish I had the patience for that.

Taylors said...

maybe you will be like homer and they will be able to see the dye in your body before you're even injected!