Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I'm going to be 28

My birthday's in like two weeks, and Ryan's asked for my birthday list.  I don't know why since I'll probably just get a card.  So you might recognize some of the items below from my Christmas list, and that's because I didn't get one thing from my Christmas list! Not even the Back to the Future trilogy!   Hey, I'm not complaining, I know we're poor students, but here it is:

The Dooney and Burke medium Chiara bag in turquoise, I'd take a yellow one too.
(okay this one's a dream)

these super cute Dolce Vita flats...but with my running and possible stress fractures, I might need a little more support.

I still want a cute little bengal kitten
(dream too)
the Von Zipper Dharma's in the gold/white

I asked for a road bike last year for Christmas dreaming of doing triathlons, and guess what?  I've done two so far this year.  This would have done me some good!

 the gold mini ticket (sigh) 
(still dreaming)

Okay, here's where the new stuff starts:

These pans are both from Ikea, and are smoking deals!  The grill pan is great and I need one since mine stinks!  I won't even use it anymore because it's so bad.  And the french oven is like a Le Creuset one at 1/5 the price!

I love this band, but have been waiting to buy the cd so I could put it on my "list".

Loved this movie, it'd be great to be able to watch it whenev.
And a rotary cutter and mat, an essential I know, but mine has been moved in hot cars.
 It was therefore warped beyond saving. :(

Oh, and a night gown.  (eww, I'm such a mom)

Okay Ryan, there are some idears, again I'm not expecting anything!  ;)  Love ya!


Rushele said...

That's a good list! Tons of fun stuff on it.
You should go to Joann's website and see if you can download a coupon to get the rotary blade and cutting mat. I know my mom gets the coupons in the mail and she says she's got a couple 50% off ones right now.
Good luck on getting something from your list!! :)

Taylors said...

that bike is awesome. what kind is it? i was looking for road bikes on craigslist today. no dice. at least no dice for one under $50. and that night gown with sleeves is super cute!

Desi said...

My sister just did a whole blog post about tracy anderson. She thinks they're bff's. But she's lost a ton of weight, and she's looking really good. Not flabby at all.

Jasmyn said...

Why is it that the less money we have, the more expensive our lists get? I have several similar to yours, and unless we win the lottery, I am not getting any of it. Maybe you will atleast get the stuff from Ikea....tell Ryan you will go on cooking strike until you have the proper tools!

Blake and Allison said...

kirstin your list is great and i hope that you maybe get at least one item from it. i'm with jasmyn though on the less money we have the more expensive the list gets. so true!