Thursday, November 20, 2008

dream on.....

I know, count your blessings, and I do/am. But here is my WISH list. Ryan wants the emphasis on the wish.
The Dooney and Burke medium Chiara bag in turquoise, I'd take a yellow one too.

these super cute Dolce Vita flats

a cute little bengal kitten
the Von Zipper Dharma's in the gold/white

these super cute Matix straight leg jeans

how have I gone this long with out the Back to the Future trilogy?

a road bike for the triathlons I dream of doing

a Vita Mix blender!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

and pretty pretty pretty please the gold mini ticket!?!?!?!? (dead serious about this one Ryan)

And as long as I'm dreaming, I'll throw in my Volvo XC 90!

And Santa, I've been a REALLY good girl this year!


Morgan said...

awesome wish list. i love that bag, and those vita mixers are supposed to be awesome. hope you get at least something from your list. surely the back to the future trilogy won't be too spendy! ;)

Desi said...

You're so funny. Can I just steal your wishlist? I want all of those things, except the cat. I'm not a cat person, and oh, the jeans, would probably be offensive on me!

Taylor Family said...

vita mix blender?? are you granola now? you forgot to put your burkenstocks on the wish list

Kristin said...

Des, you're hilarious, I love you!

And Tara, the vita mix is only the best blender on the face of the earth! We could have jamba juice at home everyday!

Bingham family said...

Only you could look amazing in those skinny jeans! Not in a day of my life could I ever pull those off! Love the wish list, good luck!

Kat said...

Hmmm... good list! I'm with you on the Volvo. So nice.

Blake and Allison said...

kristin-you are hilarious and i love this post! happy thanksgiving!