Wednesday, November 12, 2008


I deleted that last post as it was a fictitious email (thank goodness).  I apologize for not checking it out on snopes first.  Thanks Carie!  Darn our two party system and the scare tactics that each side will use.  

To make up for the lies I was spreading, here's a funny story.  

The other day Ryan says to me: "get this, today Gwen was calling for me from the bathroom saying 'daddy, daddy, I need you to bring me some grapes right now!'  So Ryan brought her grapes which she hurried to eat.  Then a minute later Gwen says 'dadddyyy, I NEED an apple now!'  Ryan brings her an apple and asks her why she needs the fruit while sitting on the john.  So Gwen told him because she needed to get the big poop out.  Ryan was baffled, so I explained to him that about a week ago Gwen had been constipated, and so I had a little talk with her about what she eats can affect her BM.  I told her that candy and junk can clog her up, and there are special "magic" foods that can make pooping easier such as apples and grapes.  And how cute she actually listened to me!!!

And in other news, I'm missing Drakes hair.
just look at that cute little curl!


Melissa said...

Great... So am I the only idiot that believed it? Nice!

Jennifer said...

Hey! I even read that out loud to Mike!!

But that is funny about Gwen. Funnier, because Gordon does the same thing. He always insists on eating grapes or drinking apple juice while he is "pushing"...

Tara T said...

but do you miss Drake's tail? Gwen is freakin awesome. We've decided you should come out here for christmas.

Jonathan and Sarah said...

Okay so I just read the bra post... HILARIOUS!

Rushele said...

So, am I an idiot for believing that last post that you deleted? Man, I'm easy!
You may miss that cute little curl in Drake's hair, but now he has a super cute buzz cut. Can't beat that on little men!
I LOVE that story about Gwen!!!!! That is hilarious! And hearing from your child the things that you're trying to teach them is the best thing ever!!! It's a miracle!