Thursday, November 06, 2008

faking sick and wants to wear a bra!

Gwen just got over her cold that she had for a week.  She had a pretty yucky cough, and so each morning I would give her a teaspoon of cough syrup.  (yeah I know that supposedly it doesn't work, but I say the psychological effect is good enough) At first she outright refused to take it, saying it was yucky!  It was orange flavored, so I told her it was orange pop cough medicine.  She then took it and was surprised at how good it actually tasted.  So it got to be that each morning she was reminding me she needed to take it.  
This morning was no different.  She reminded me it was time for her vitamins and cough medicine.  I told her no, that she wasn't sick anymore and that she didn't need the cough medicine.  Gwen then proceeded to fake cough and insist that she was still sick.  I said, "no you're not."  Gwen then said, "yes huh, I am sick because I eat my boogers all the time!"  
(she really doesn't, but Drake on the other hand....)

This silly girl also when watching me dress today asked what I was putting on.  I told her my bra.  She asked why, and I told her that it was a part of my underwear.  She asked why again, so I told her that when she grows up and gets boobies too she would wear one as well.  Her eyes then grew BIG and a smile spread from ear to ear.  About fifteen minutes later, she asked if it was time for her to wear a bra!  
I'm in trouble!!!!!


Tara T said...

Oh my freakin heck! This had me laughing out loud!! I love that little girl.

Jasmyn said...

see, you are worried about all the little boy stuff, but this would freak me out way more!!

Desi said...

That is so funny! I wanted boobies so bad when I was little because my sister was 5 years older, and we shared a room. Who knew they would get bigger and bigger, and then I would get fat and they would get bigger, and then I would get pregnant and they would get bigger, and then I would nurse and they would get bigger, and next I'm going to lose a lot of weight and stop nursing and they're going to sag to the floor. Joke's on me.

Rushele said...

Oh the things our little divas say!!!
Isn't it so fun to watch them, watching us and wanting to be so big already?!
I love that she fake coughed to get the orange pop medicine. She seems like such a fun kid, so cute!!

Mary Crawford said...

Ha ha... Gwen is so cute! And yes the turtles were grunting. =)

Photography By Jo said...

hahaha she cracks me up. I can't wait to have stories like these. :)