Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Gwen asked me what part of your body babies come out of. 
Ummm...can I please freeze time so I can have some time to think of an answer? She's supposed to ask where babies come from. That's easy, heaven. But what part of your body do babies come out of?! So I just said "their mommies privates" then turned the music up really loud so I wouldn't be able to hear if she had follow up questions.

Drake informed me that he wants to be a baby when he grows up. 
He later changed that to a space ranger.  
Also last night we went to a friend's graduation party.  And when we told Drake we were going to a party he said "yea!  I'm so ready to dance!"  
He's got moves, but feels most comfortable dancing in the buff.


Tawnya said...


Taylors said...

I love the part where you turned your music up really loud. nice. does gwen still want to be a babysitter when she grows up?

Ryan said...

Yes. An a teacher. Drake wants to be a firefighter most of the time. He says he will spray the fires.

Desi said...

That is hilarious, what would your answer be if you had time to think. For future reference.

Rushele said...

I love that Drake was so ready to dance! What a cutie!!!
And Holy Cow....why is your 4 year old already asking that question? Yeah, I'd probably have turned up the radio when I realized what she said so that I hopefully wouldn't even have to answer it. Although for me it's an easier answer since I've had c-sections.