Friday, January 30, 2009

most joyous joyfulness!!!!

Seriously, if you could see how big my smile is right cheeks are aching!  

I just won a label maker from this super cute blog I've been reading.  Honestly, I don't win anything, and to be honest, I've always wanted a label maker, but when I'm in the store holding one, I just can't bring myself to spend the money.  Well happy happy joy joy I won!  My house is so excited to finally get organized.


Tara T said...

Oh my gosh!! I read that blog too, and entered for that label maker also!! That is awesome that you won!! I have seriously entered into like a thousand blog stuff give-aways and have never won

Rushele said...

That is awesome!!!!
Where do you find these great blogs that you can enter to win free things?

Tawnya said...

Good job. You need it. :)

Cole said...

hey you- i finally updated my blog with being tagged! enjoy@

Bingham family said...

I am jealous!!! I look at them everytime too and think oh, when I get my labeler, I can get organized and then I put it back on the shelf to spend the money on diapers or something "necessary" I am so excited for you and your labeler. Oh to be monica on Friends and just have one given to you. Congrats on winning it. Maybe I will need to try to win stuff on blogs too. Let me know how you like it. Congrats again! That is exciting!