Friday, January 16, 2009

day five

If you know my Gwenny, you know that generally she's not too shy.  I love it! 
 Well she's really using it in a good way.  This year, Gwen is no longer a Sunbeam, but is in CTR, and she has the ring to prove it.  She wears it all the time and loves telling people what it means.  Including all the boys that she plays with at the gym.  When I pick her and Drake up from the kids club, Gwen shows me all the boys she has told to "choose the right" that day.  What a good little missionary!


KT said...

Kristen & Ryan! It's Katie(Wentz) your fam is soooo dang cute! Gwen is the spitting image of Kristen :) how cute is that! Just wanted to say hi--love you all!!!

Tara T said...

Once again, that outfit is freakin awesome. I was wanting to put up my pictures of her wearing that but all my pictures were just the right angle for camel toe, I need to edit. Gwen IS seriously the best, and has the best stories.