Saturday, January 24, 2009

"MOMMY MOMMY guess what?!?!"

Seriously, Gwen could hardly contain her excitement today as she told me that she met "Jolly Fingers"!  The excitement was learned from watching her dad's reaction to meeting Rollie Fingers.  Growing up Ryan was an A's fan, so today one of his childhood dreams came true!  

Also today, Drake learned that




Tara T said...

Oh no! Did he scratch up your screen?

Cole said...

uh oh...i feel your pain girl. i got a new computer last year, and sterling scratched the screen too. not with a screw driver though...he used siccors. nice huh! gotta luv it!

Kristin said...

yes, my screen is scratched!!!

Rushele said...

How sad that your computer is all scratched up!!!
I understand the anger over the kids playing with the computer. Raegan took a pen to our monitor about a year and a half ago. Luckily we had someone over that knew that if you wipe alcohol over it the pen will come off....phew!!
Scratches are much worse though.
How cool for Ryan to meet a childhood hero! Congrats to him, and Gwen!!

Zac and Catherine Griffith Fam said...

Kristin that sucks! I can't believe Isabelle has never pulled this one. So I tagged you on my blog. Sorry about that but I always love to hear what you have to say!

DeWitts said...

Hey Krisin and Fam. It's Brian DeWitt. I found your blog. Cute family. I chose to comment on the one with a baseball player and a screwdriver to maintain a little bit of my manhood that I instantly lose for blogging in the first place. It was good seeing you! Keep in touch.