Tuesday, June 25, 2013

mom, can I have a shaver?

Want to see one of the cutest selfies ever?

 Gwen and Austin.  hashtagnofilter

I have put a serious limit on the kids screen time this summer.  No TV/games until chores are done, and the kids have read for at least 20 minutes.  Often this doesn't happen until 4:00 pm if it happens at all!  Sometimes I think it's harder on me than on them.  Like when I'm studying and the kids are driving me crazy and I want to say "just go watch a movie!" but then I remember they can't.  :p
For Drake the hardest part is that I have a lock on my phone, so he can't just pick it up and play Bad Piggies whenever he wants.  But he has learned that if my phone is locked all he can do is make an emergency call, OR go to camera and take pictures!  Seriously?  Doesn't that seem funny that a locked phone will take pictures?  I mean I get the convenience thing, but what about the privacy thing?  Anyway, I plugged my phone in tonight and discovered HUNDREDS of pictures like these:

 Including some not so flattering pictures of me buried in my books and computer with headphones on, tuning the world out.  But you can thank me for sparing you those pictures. 

Did I mention previously that the bar is ruining my summer?
Well it is.
Study all day everyday, and I'm still behind.

Perhaps because I still have to make time for this cuteness.
 This boy is so rad.

And Gwen and I also have been on a baking kick.
I don't know how many loaves of bread I've baked already this summer, I want to find the perfect recipe, so I'm slowly perfecting wheat bread, but also am figuring out the right combos for white, oatmeal, and potato breads too. Gluten-free we are not!
 And I told you last time how Gwen was making tons of cookies, well she's whipped out her first cake ever too.  All by herself!  My little Gwenny Crocker.

In other news:

25 weeks, and the baby is the size of rutabaga.  Yep, a rutabaga.  

Should I be concerned that the garbage bags are in the same spot they've been for months, and the other night Ryan didn't know where that was??

Maybe I should be concerned about the fact that Gwen asked me today for a shaver so she can shave the hair on her legs?!!?!?  Holy smokes, I'm not ready for this.


Tawnya said...

I bet you were supposed to be studying while you wrote this post. Tsk tsk. I meant to drop by today but Mason is sick so I didn't really want to take the chance.

Tara T said...

Dang, way to keep to your guns. I still need to implement a schedule/chore chart that the little brats need to stick to.

Sam said...

If you want to take up gluten free baking, I'll be your taste tester! :) But you should wait until after the bar to take up that hobby. This will be the worst summer of your life, I've never had so many "low points" as I did the summer I took the bar! Hang in there!

Emily said...

Haha I totally agree on the tv/screen time thing. It's pretty much the last thing I will take away as punishment for poor behavior. Super proud of Gwen for all of that baking! It's much too hot to bake bread right now though- maybe you'll perfect a solar oven version. haha. Also weird that your phone takes pics when locked.

MediocreMama said...

Please bake me some bread.

Also, I can't believe I'm friends with cat people.

Also, come visit.