Friday, June 07, 2013

Pregnancy Blues

Remember in the last blog post how in the caption to a picture I mentioned that the manager of the dealership convinced me I had kidney stones?
Well the next morning I called my midwife's office and was advised I should go to the ER to get checked out.
The ER then asked how far along I was... 21 weeks.
So they instructed me to go up to OB Triage.

I got all hooked up, gave some pee, and got checked out.

 Good news!

NOT my kidneys, or my appendix, or gallbladder!

Just round ligament pain along with my abs separating and stretching.
Seriously?  The pain was B.A.D.  It'd knock the breath out of me and I'd cripple over.
And, I didn't experience this with either Gwen or Drake.

But rather than having to pee out a stone, I just get to wear this lovely belly band.
I'll call that a win.
Plus, since I've been wearing it, the pain I'd been experiencing in my hip since about 12 weeks has almost gone completely!  I'm tempted to try running with the band and see if it's possible.  
The belly band has been my friend.  My hot, hot, friend.

So I was feeling better about being pregnant until my last prenatal appointment.
My mid-wife informed me that because Drake was a shoulder distocia delivery, while she is a strong advocate for vaginal deliveries, she recommended that I have a c-section for this baby.
Ummm... NO!!!
She has been a midwife for 48 years, and said that those deliveries are scary (it was really scary with Drake)... possible broken bones, nerve, or even brain damage for the baby.
Drake was fortunate, and didn't have any of that.
But do we risk it?  From my research, shoulder distocia occurs on average less than 1% of the time.  But for those who have had a shoulder distocia baby previously, the chance goes up to about 16%.  Obviously large babies are the most at risk.  Drake was 8lbs 10oz, a full 2 pounds bigger than Gwen.  
She sensed my hesitation (probably because I really almost passed out!!), and said we will try to prevent the risk factors.  That means I have to be on a diet!
Eww.  A pregnant lady should not have to be on a diet.  That's just wrong.
She's asked that I limit my sugar and salt, and try not to gain more than 9 pounds for the rest of my pregnancy.  That's 17 more weeks!!!!
It's been hard.  I may have broken down last night and ate a foot long Tootsie Roll.  Apparently I can't have those within 50 feet of me anymore.  Darn you Target $1 section!
Then we'll also continue to monitor the size of the baby, but even with ultrasound, those aren't terribly accurate.
So I'm trying not to worry too much about it right now, otherwise I just cry.
It'll just be a matter of prayer, and dieting, and we'll see what happens.


Emily said...

Um you look amazing. Glad the belly band is helping. Good luck with the diet! You can do it. :) I find the longer I go without major doses of sugar the less I miss it.

Sam said...

Glad the belly band is helping. Round ligament pain is no joke! Drake's delivery sounds scary! I hope this one goes better :)