Monday, June 03, 2013

RIP Highlander

Strange.  I am so sad about my car being dead, yet when I went to title this blogpost, I realized I never even named my car!  That's weird right?  Everyone names there car... right?

Anyhoo, this story all began a few weeks ago.  I took my car in to get serviced, because the check engine light was on, and my tags were expiring the end of May.  (You can't pass emissions if your check enginge light is on.)  Well of course the check engine light was triggered because a stupid sensor needed to be replaced, and the sensor was expensive, and took a lot of labor to get to and replace.  $750 later, I'm ready to go to drop more $ registering my car.
Highlander in happier times

No prob, I love my car.

Honestly, I love my car!  I just rolled 200,000 miles in my baby, and she was still purring like a kitten.  While we realized with a baby to squeeze in there soon it'd be a tight fit, but I still wasn't interested in getting a new car because, like I said, I love my car!

So I didn't hesitate to volunteer to drive up north for a girls weekend.  My baby made it up the rim, and then stopped forward progress in Heber.  What I mean by that was it felt as if my car had been placed in neutral.  I checked, and it wasn't in neutral.  So we pulled over, called husbands, I held back tears, and then we all jumped in my friend's car, and left my Highlander in Heber for the weekend.

We had hopes that the transmission might cool, and then we'd be able to drive it down the rim, and maybe even into the valley.  So we enjoyed our weekend.  
On the way home, my car was still there, and it drove!!!  For a mile.  Then it went back into "neutral".  So again, I left my car in Heber, this time for a week.  

So the following weekend, we borrowed a friend's truck (this was a long story that I'll spare you, but THANK YOU John Arnett for coming to our rescue!!), rented a tow dolly, and went up to get the car.  Our friends Rick and Jenny were nice enough to let us stay at their cabin since we were going to be up in the area anyway.  
 So we stayed the night in Pinedale which was fun, because this was where we had a cabin until a few years ago.  So we took the kids to see the Pinedale stuff,
 and ancestor's headstones.  That's normal too, right?  Pictures in cemeteries?  
Then all too soon, it was time to go home, and bring the car with us.  
"How is Kristin going to push the car up on this dolly?"
Luckily, it was still where I left it.  Again, a long story here about trying to get ahold of the Donut shop it was parked at to ask them not to tow my car, and never an answer.  I figured they were out of business.  Fortunately for us, it was booming Sunday morning, and when some customers there saw pregnant Kristin trying to push this car up the ramp onto the dolly, they ran out and helped.  We never would have been able to do it on our own.  

We then drove it home, and luckily, when we got to the shop, and no one was around to help us push it this time, it drove!  So we were able to reverse it off the dolly, again, something we wouldn't have been able to push on our own.  

Well then we were left pondering:
Drop $1500-$2000 fixing the transmission on an 11 year old car with 200,000 miles on it?
Or buy a new car?

If I look trashed, it's because we were at the dealership for four hours, and the manager convinced me that I had kidney stones.  Another story for another post.
 Buy a new car!!!
Yep, we roll in a Ford now.
And I LOVE it!!!
And I'd be embarrassed if we told you why we're now Fordies.  It may have something to do with not taking the bail out $, and still kicking A.  hashtagbuyAmerican
And like that I've moved on.  Don't worry Highlander, I did love you, but it's time that we go our separate ways.
And again, I'm a chauffeur.  But now the kids insist on riding in the back back.


Emily said...

Glad you got help pushing your car! Congrats on the new one!

Tara T said...

you guys are high rollers now!! Leather seating and all ;) Time to test that baby out on a road trip out to Cali to see us!!

Sam said...

That is a legit mom car! Nice purchase!