Sunday, June 09, 2013

oh what do you do in the summertime...

Gwen is back at it in synchro.  It's really fun to watch her and how much she's improved over the last year.
First place!
 She's been working really hard to get her splits.

 Drake is killing it on swim team this year.  He's been put in the fast heat, and his relay team took second!  I love how proud he was of that.  I love that he doesn't complain about having to go to swim this year.  It's great what confidence does.
Second place freestyle relay!

We attacked Camelback with cousin Cloe.

I've been studying for the bar everywhere possible.  My best block of time is when the kids are in the pool each day.  Then Drake steals my phone and takes random pictures (like below) and plays Bad Piggies.  He's an addict.

Gwen made cookies almost everyday the first week of summer.
I had to tell her no more cookie making since it usually leads to a mess, and many calories consumed.  But I love that she can read a recipe, and do it all by herself!


Tawnya said...

mmm, send some of those cookies my way!!

Tara T said...

Gwen is already a little teenager. And thats awesome Drake is a fast little fish!

MediocreMama said...

I wish I had someone who lived in my house and made me cookies every week.