Saturday, July 06, 2013


My baby girl is NINE!

Gwen wanted to do her birthday party a little early this year since come the first of July, most people head for the hills.  So we did it the weekend before, and it worked out great.  Other than the garbage disposal eating my frosting tip.  :(
 She wanted a sleep over, but since those are not allowed according to the McPhie statutes, we had a late night instead.  All her friends came over in their jammies to make pizza, eat cupcakes and watch a movie on the big wall of the playroom - movie theater style.  
 Gwen decorated the play room herself.  Well with the help of Drake.
And Drake.  Oh boy.  I wanted him to go watch a movie with Gigi and Papa during the party so he wouldn't have to be around all the girls, but he refused.  He wanted to hang out at the party, and play.  What a nut.  
 So her early birthday party was a super success, and it was nice to not have to worry about a party on her actual birthday.  

So the night before I cleaned the house and got presents wrapped, balloons blown up, house decorated, and then went in to kiss my 8 year old Gwenny good bye forever, and found her like this.  It killed me!  She has her unicorn tucked in under the blanket and is sleeping with a little hat pinned to the top of her head!  Oh I cried, and cried.  As much fun as it is to see her grow up, I want to preserve my little girl just a while longer.  
Last picture of Gwen as an 8 year old.
But the next morning, I found a gorgeous 9 year old Gwenny! 

 Then we had a day of doing what she wanted!  
That meant no bar study for me, pedicures for the girls (Drake really wanted one, and has asked for one on his birthday in a couple of weeks),
I am UGE (silent H)
 Lunch at Olive Garden!
 The kids were fuh-reez-ing!!
This was how Drake waited for our lunch.  While he was confined, he certainly was not quiet.
 We had a fun giggly lunch!
We ended the night with a family party at the Collard's house (since our air conditioning decided to go out the night before), and ate German Chocolate cake at Gwen's request.  

  It was a super fun day, and I'm so happy to have gotten to spend it with my little best friend!  She passed out on the way home!


Stanford Family said...

Happy,happy birthday Gwen!!

Emily said...

What a fun day! Happy late birthday Gwen! Can't believe she's nine!

Tawnya said...

HAHAHAHA I'm totally laughing at her passed out in the car! What a fun mom you are. And good policy on no sleep-overs.

MediocreMama said...

Oh sweet sweet Gwen. Seems like just yesterday you were bouncing around Lake Mead in a car seat...