Saturday, March 03, 2012

Ragnar Del Sol 2012

Introducing the
Six as in instead of 12 members on our Ragnar team, we had six.
So because we had half as many, we ran twice as far.
And slept half as much too.
As if getting less sleep is possible right? Well it is.
We sparkled up our van.

This Ragnar was amazing. And key to that was the girls.
Can you imagine being stuck in a van for two days with people you don't care for?
Luckily we did NOT have that problem.
Let me introduce the players:

(great picture I know!)
and Erin
And let me tell you, silliness ensued.

For instance here, I am hiding behind this lush bush to jump out and scare an approaching runner.
front seat sandwich making
And don't ask what I'm doing behind this random play pool we found.
But I might be on my way to find a spot to do the same thing here too.
Let's just say I only hit the porta pottys once over the two days. The rest of the time, I was getting to know nature.

Or what about when our van broke down, and we thought it was all over for us?
We also had road side rolling, and thank goodness for Carolyn, I was there to flag that car away.

Impromptu Justin Bieber dance parties.
I'm adjusting my britches here to make sure I'm always modest.
Right girls???

When we finally finished, we were a little sad it was all over.
It was such a fun bonding experience for six sparktacular ladies.
Who are also some of the toughest girls I know!


Tara T said...

Umm, yeah, you've gotta be tough to do an Ultra team for RAGNAR. You're freakin' crazy. Glad the van was able to start up again though! And good job Sparktacular Six!!

Tawnya said...

Way to be. It was fun to see you on the course.