Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Gloves in a Bottle

My hands are dry.
Like really dry.
Winters in AZ certainly don't help in the skin moisture department.

For example, Sunday I was in nursery (I work with the 18 month to 3 year olds at church), and I was writing a child's name on his coloring when I noticed blood on his picture. After quick inspection, I found that the blood was from my thumb, and it wasn't from a cut, but a crack from dry skin. How pathetic is that? Granted during nursery I do alcohol sanitize my hands like 20 times over the 2 hours I'm in there, but alcohol aside, my skin is dry anyway.

It was to the point that my hands were always uncomfortable. I'd constantly be applying lotion, but only have to reapply an hour later.

Well, let me tell you about this,
This stuff is amazing!
It's not greasy, doesn't wash off, and it creates a "shield" to protect your hands and keep your natural moisture in. I've been using it for a day and a half, and am already seeing a big difference in my hands! I applied it this morning, and haven't reapplied lotion to my hands yet, and they aren't all dry yet!!

If you are having dry hand issues, go buy some!
(It wasn't at Walgreens or CVS, but I found it at Fry's.)

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Emily said...

Oh wow I totally need to try this. Ansley would love to be in your nursery!