Wednesday, October 05, 2011

you may be disappointed in me

when you learn that I'm prejudiced.
I am. I'm sorry about that. But today on my way to school, I saw this guy, and I totally judged him without even knowing him.
But I saw his "Pink Cabaret" hat and the little silver testicles hanging from the back of his motorcycle, and I decided this is not a gentlemen I'd want to invite over to play Yatzee with my family.
I'll bet he has some good qualities, but he's not advertising them as well as he is his less than admirable qualities.


Monica said...

bahahahaha!! I better take down my silver testicles hanging from my Honda now, huh?

Tara T said...

his balls probably are that small

Desiree Sanders said...

Yeah, those are some pretty small testicles!! I mean, that bike is probably like 500lbs, and those are like gumballs!